Managing Risk & Financials

Artcraft provides complete bookkeeping services under the advisory of certified accountants and financial officers. Each month, we provide you with financial statements, including an income statement, balance sheet, and a rent roll with the rent collection status. Our monthly and year-end statements will make preparing your taxes easier, and we even refer you to expert tax help if you need it.

Ongoing internal audit, third party audits at year-end, and supervision from our senior management team ensures that the systems and processes that we have put in place are followed.

Annual budgets are approved and monitored, with monthly summaries to identify current events and any issues that may have an impact on the property. We encourage regular site visits and updates with investors so that they may have peace of mind.

Artcraft is committed to maximizing the value of your property through the elimination of risk. This is a key element of the services we offer you. Artcraft makes sure your assets are protected.